Why Choose Us?


In today’s Real Estate market, the many highs and lows and unexpected events leave homeowners at an all time risk to not make the right decisions.  Homeowners rely heavily on Real Estate professionals to guide them through the process of the largest investment one will make in their lifetime.  Being well informed and honestly represented is a must for homeowners to feel secure in a market that is anything but an easy process.  We are here to guide you!image07265

Here at iHomes we aim to keep our clients well ahead of the game and help them every step of the way.  We make our clients our #1 priority; with our one on one customer care we build long lasting relationships with you.  This helps us to understand your wants, ultimately allowing us to deliver what you need.

The dynamic team at iHomes is comprised of great communication and negotiation skills; a vast knowledge of the real estate market, up to date knowledge of current trends and changes to local markets, and unmatched marketing exposure online to help you sell your property fast. The focus and drive the team shows provides homeowners with results – surpassing all expectations.

What sets iHomes apart from your average Real Estate team is their state-of-the art technologically advanced operating system.  Combining traditional concepts with cutting-edge technology iHomes is proven to have the largest online presence.  This is important in a market where 96% of real estate searches begin online.  Our proven custom guaranteed selling systems allow for our clients to sell for the highest dollar value in the quickest time guaranteed, or we will buy your home!

iHomes’ one of a kind online marketing tools virtually brings you to selected properties, highlighting your surroundings and the potential of the property.  When the real estate experience becomes overwhelming for homeowners, iHomes ensures a smooth and efficient experience with their one-stop-shop services.  We have a team of specialists in all aspects of real estate that focus on making the buying and selling experience seamless, less stressful, and most of all producing the best results.

We look forward to working with you and building a long successful partnership.

About Jason Lau:

image07138Jason Lau is a new kind of realtor for a new era of people: the online generation. He utilizes the Internet to help Toronto residents buy and sell the best real estate in the region.

He has over 10 years experience in the information technology industry, excelling with experience in developing websites, promoting brands, and marketing high-end domain portfolios. As an accomplished internet entrepreneur, Jason has owned several successful companies including Bluewiremedia Inc, Cyberdreams Inc and iOutSource Inc. Jason has also obtained a BComm in Economics from the University of Toronto and has studied computer programming at the Institute for Computer Studies.

He now puts his online skills to use in the Toronto real estate market, utilizing a number of internet marketing tactics to help clients buy and sell homes. From social media and blogging to email marketing and search engine solutions, Jason knows how to get the Internet to work for his clients.

Jason is an excellent real estate agent who builds lasting relationships with the people he works with. He enjoys helping others sell their property and loves finding his clients’ dream homes.

About Moe Nikaien:

MOEedited Moe Nikaien is an award winning top producing realtor with extensive knowledge of the Real Estate market and interior design; he has been raised in a family of builders, architects and contractors and was always involved in properties and construction from childhood. He studied Psychology at York University, has successfully owned and sold two franchises by age 25 and has done many motivational/inspirational speaking to all kinds of age groups. He spilt his teenage years working at his mother’s restaurants or family’s construction company.

He blends those experiences with new generation advertising and marketing bringing a fresh and innovative spin to his business. Combined with powerful negotiating skills, his dynamic full one stop shop team, commitment to honest communications with intelligent use of the latest technology in real estate. His high ethical standards and an energetic approach are examples of some of his ingredients to a successful career in real estate.

Moe prides himself in the ability to have an eye for the best investment properties with maximum future appreciation suiting his client’s needs and budget and will work diligently until it is found. His patience and diligence are one of his greatest assets in helping clients with their biggest investment of their lives. He loves to help in every step of the way and has professionals in the industry available to help make it a one stop shop for his clients! He always has a smile on his face, is extremely kind, and just appreciates his clients as they are not just a commission to him!

His humble nature and upbringing make the real estate transaction smooth, as he is a great listener, and has so much passion and will bend over backwards in every aspect of the buying/selling process. Moe Nikaien has always built superb friendships with his clients and is always checking up on them even long after the transaction has closed, they become lifetime bonds. His balance of implementing fun, his sense of humor yet very detailed knowledgeable skills truly makes it a comfortable, enjoyable and successful relationship.

On his off time Moe Nikaien is very big on family and majority of his time is spent with them enjoying life to the fullest regardless where they go and what they do. He maintains his health as he is very active in his exercise routines whether it is the gym, sports, Yoga etc. He also enjoys fashion, travelling, music and dining. Moe also has always been taught to stay grounded and give which is evident by his big heart and helping hand in which he donates to several charities and less fortunate individuals.